Apple Season

A few weeks ago, we were lucky enough to go apple picking. I say "lucky enough" because I know that small farmers all over California are suffering from the drought. The orchard we visited last year is not available for apple picking this year due to the drought. I noticed a dramatic, I mean DRAMATIC, reduction in produce in stands at the local famers market. Even my mother, who lives in Japan, tells me that there are less oranges and grapes imported into Japan from California. So, we were indeed lucky to be able to go apple picking this year (it wasn't so during the cherry picking season this year). 

I love how my children learn when we go to the field trips like this. They learn about seasonal produce. They learn about the eco-system. They learn about farmers who work so hard for us to have food on our table. They also learn about local produce and why it is important to support them. It just so happened that we were listening to the audio book of "Esperanza Rising" during the last few weeks. For those of you not familiar with the book, it illustrates the conditions farm workers endure to get us our produce. We are also learning about the activist, Cesar Chavez, and his movement. So, both narratives seem to come together. 

If you have children, or even if you don't, I encourage you to visit local farmers (organic ones are even better!), and learn about where your food comes from. You will feel much closer to the food you eat every day.

At home, we made a very simple apple galette together. 

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