Prioritizing My Exercise

I was standing in front of the kitchen sink, reluctantly getting ready to wash the dishes from lunch and dinner, when my husband nonchalantly went to our bedroom, changed into his workout clothes, and told me that he was going to the garage (his personal gym) to work out. I looked at him in disbelief, thinking, "don't you see these dishes, and didn't you see the pile of laundry to be put away on our bed?" He told me, "The girls are watching TV, so they are occupied", then he went to the garage. I wanted to tell him that I have been with the girls the whole day, trying to limit their screen time. I wanted to tell him that the last time I work out was.... before my oldest was born. She is now six years old. I wanted to tell him that I wish I could ignore the mountain of dishes and washed clothes like he could, and be selfish like he was. 

I have been wanting to work out, do yoga, go running, or something. Anything! I have told my accountability coach that one of the goals I had in mind was to exercise. That was 10 months ago. I tried working out during the day, and even included the girls in my work out, letting them count and cheer for me. I told my husband to watch the girls while I went to a Zumba class in the evening. Nothing sticked to me, or rather, I did not keep anything with consistency. 

Then, recently, I discovered these two women. Moms to be specific, and read their article. It hit me. I implemented some changes during my morning routine. It is quite simple, but difficult (for me at least) to do: PRIORITIZE MY EXERCISE. My morning routine is like this these past two months. 

5:30am: wake up, make lunch for husband, and see him off.

6:00am: Roll out my yoga mat NO MATTER WHAT, and turn on this yoga video, or do my own yoga routine.

6:30am: Put on some podcast while I put away dishes or clean clothes, or relax on the rocking chair to read my favorite blogs, read a book, lesson plan for the girls, or write a blog entry. 

7:30am: One or both of the girls wake up, hang out with them a little bit, and I am ready to start our busy day. 

Here is what it used to be before the change. 

5:30am: wake up, make lunch for husband, and see him off

6:00am: Sit on the rocking chair with my iPad, start reading blogs, or go on Facebook, and checking out all the interesting articles. 

7:30am: I feel resentful when one or both of the girls wake up, realizing that 1 1/2 hours passed since my husband left for work, hating myself for wasting "me time", and feeling irritated that dishes are not put away, and clothes are still piled up on the bed. I am no way near ready for the day with our active girls. 

The article was so spot on. If I don't prioritize my exercise, and do it the first thing in the morning before my girls are up, I will not get to exercise at all for the rest of the day because there is always, ALWAYS something to be done at home or for the girls: meal preparations, spilt milk on the floor, dirty diapers, dirty dishes, phone calls, lessons, appointments, girls' arguments... 

Some days, especially lately when it is cold in the morning, I want to go back to bed after I see my husband off. Today, actually, I told my husband I did not feel like doing yoga. He said, "Just do it, and you will feel better". He was right. I did a short 15-minute-practice while I listened to podcast, and I felt better and energized afterward. Not only that, I am more patient with my girls. I am ready to play with them. My back does not hurt any more and I don’t feel sluggish when 3 o’clock rolls around.